Colby’s largest-ever pool of applications yielded the Class of 2019, which is being called the most qualified first-year class in the history of the College, with all measures—from essays to test scores—indicating significant intellectual prowess.

“The Class of 2019 demonstrated remarkable academic preparedness, and we’re proud to welcome this group of outstanding students to Colby,” said Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Matt Proto. “We approach the application review process holistically for all applicants, taking into account the transcript and difficulty of high school courses, teacher and counselor recommendations, personal context, cocurricular and extracurricular activities, and test scores—from either the SAT, the ACT, or three SAT Subject Tests. Students in this year’s class excelled in all areas.”

One of the most striking indicators of academic preparation was standardized test scores. This year’s enrolling class delivered the highest SAT scores ever. Students in the Class of 2019 averaged 2040 for all three sections—a 10-point increase over any previous year.

As part of its many efforts to increase accessibility, the College approved an additional $1.2 million in financial aid for first-year students last fall. The average financial package for aided students in the Class of 2019 is $43,785, and 41 percent of the class will receive aid.

“It’s our goal to ensure that all students admitted to Colby can afford to be here, regardless of economic background,” said Proto. “We are always looking for ways to increase accessibility for all—the additional funding and our recent partnership with QuestBridge are great examples of this effort.” Since 2008-09 the College has met 100 percent of demonstrated need for all admitted students without including loans in financial aid packages.

In addition to elevating average test scores, the Class of 2019 also boosted the geographic profile, with students hailing from 39 states and representing 38 countries, including Albania, Colombia, Iran, and Swaziland.

Colby admitted 22.5 percent of those who applied for the Class of 2019 after receiving the most applications in College history. The enrolling class includes 32 Presidential Scholars, 23 Bunche Scholars, and 21 students from the United World Colleges. Eleven percent of students in the class are from Maine, 12 percent are international, and 20 percent are domestic students of color.

“Our ability to enroll such high-caliber students from around the world is testimony to increased awareness of the remarkable education we offer, which is characterized by transformative intellectual experiences, partnerships with world-class faculty, and connections—to internships, to international study, and to a global alumni community,” said Proto. “A Colby education prepares students for lifelong success.”