In a reflection of increased and broadened interest in Colby College, applications surged 30 percent in 2015, with the total number applying for spots in the Class of 2020 at a record 9,833. This is the second consecutive year of dramatic growth in applications—indicating an increase of approximately 90 percent since 2013.

“It’s the quality of the Colby experience that draws so many incredible students,” said President David A. Greene. “Exceptional students—the kind who will most benefit from and contribute to a Colby education—can be found across the country and the world and come from all backgrounds, experiences, and income levels. We have focused on reaching these students to make sure they are familiar with the unique experience we provide.”

Colby has long been known for deep interaction with world-class faculty, the rigor and breadth of its liberal arts curriculum, and the global focus of its programs.

“Clearly, the demand for a Colby education has never been higher,” said Matt Proto, vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid. “This is the most competitive and diverse applicant pool in the history of the College. We are honored to learn more about each candidate through our holistic review process.”

As the value of a Colby education is greater than ever, the College is broadening access through its pledge—the Colby Commitment—to make that education possible to all admitted students, regardless of their family’s financial means. Colby meets the full, demonstrated need of all students without packaging loans. Partnerships with organizations including QuestBridge and Posse also make Colby accessible to many students who would thrive at the College but otherwise may not consider applying.

Final admissions decisions will be made in early spring.