| by David Sims

Andrew Newcomb ’15 secured a Ph.D. research assistant position at the University of Maine to work on the Future of Dams project because of the preparation he received at Colby, a news story from the university reports. “Newcomb believes a good mix of science and humanities and social science courses at Colby prepared him well for his work with the Future of Dams project,” the story says. Newcomb, who worked previously as a field technician for the National Aquatic Monitoring Center based in Utah, believes he got the position because the committee was “looking for someone who, rather than having a lot of engineering or hydrology experience, could demonstrate a proven capacity to learn those aspects and also had a well-rounded background in environmental science,” he said.

Newcomb’s work with the Future of Dams project involves investigation of the role of dams in Maine’s Penobscot River watershed and comparison of the research outcomes with dammed river networks in other New England settings, the story reports. Newcomb is “already up to speed and has no regrets having chosen a liberal arts educational path,” the university says. “He maintains a strong desire to focus on ‘the human side of things’ in his future scientific research.”