Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Travis Reynolds co-published an article in the journal World Development on husband and wife decision-making authority in farm households in sub-Saharan Africa. The research analyzes the program and policy implications of differences in husband and wife self-reported authority over farm decisions in rural Tanzania. The authors found that husbands and wives within any given household may offer radically different opinions of who is in charge. This lack of “intra-household accord” might lead to unintended consequences if development programs and policies seek to target one spouse while missing information on the other spouse’s disposition.

This research was funded in part by the Evans School Policy Analysis and Research group (EPAR), an innovative student-faculty agricultural research team, which Reynolds leads with C. Leigh Anderson of the University of Washington. The EPAR grant supports more than a dozen graduate student research assistants and two undergraduate research assistants, currently Eliza Baker-Wacks ’17 and Cara Goldfarb ’17 at Colby.