Assistant Professor of Spanish Dean Allbritton’s coedited volume Performance and Spanish Film has been published with Manchester University Press. Coedited by Alejandro Melero (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and Tom Whittaker (Liverpool University), Performance and Spanish Film is the first book to provide a detailed study of screen acting in Spanish film. With 15 original essays by leading scholars of Spanish film, the book casts light on the manifold meanings, methods, and influences of Spanish screen performance, from the silent era to the present day. In doing so, the book provides bold new readings of the work of significant Spanish actors and filmmakers, from Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, and Alfredo Landa, to Pedro Almodóvar, Carlos Saura, and Alejandro Amenábar. The fine-grained study of acting in each chapter also provides a means of exploring broader questions surrounding Spanish film practices, culture, and society.