| by Catherine Besteman

Calling President Trump’s travel ban a “throwback to old discriminatory immigration policies,” Catherine Besteman, Francis F. Bartlett and Ruth K. Bartlett Professor of Anthropology, recounts former bans and color bars the U.S. has employed in her op-ed in the Bangor Daily News Feb. 8. From The Naturalization Act of 1790 to immigration reform in 1965, our country has a “contradictory yet intertwined historical currents from which to choose,” she writes. “We don’t choose our history, but we do choose the history we want to valorize and promote as a bellwether for the future. I hope we make the right choice,” Besteman concludes. Besteman also contributed to a blog post on Savage Minds titled “Refugees, Immigrants, and Trump’s Executive Order: Six Anthropologists Speak Out.”