Professor of History Paul Josephson has been busy writing and lecturing since October. Here are his recent accomplishments:

October 2016 A lecture on “Chernobyl’s Fallout in the World of Nuclear Energy Production—Thirty Years On” in Barcelona, Spain.

January 2017 A talk on “Heroism and Secrecy Across the Arctic: Building Industry in the Dark and Cold” at a conference on Cultures of Secrecy in Soviet Life in Zurich, Switzerland.

Feb. 10, 2017 Participated in a BBC World Service Newshour report “Will Your Children Have a Job?” with Owen Bennett Jones on robotics and the future. Josephson spoke about Luddism, neo-Luddism, and what this kind of thinking may have contributed to current debates over jobs, deskilling, retraining, etc.

Publication of Traffic, a history of the speed bump and efforts to calm traffic, with Bloomsbury Publishing.

Peer-reviewed articles
“Stalin’s Water Workers and Their Heritage: Industrializing Nature in Russia, 1950-present,” Global Environment, vol. 10 (2017):  pp. 168-201

“Putin, the Arctic, and the Environment,” Global Environment, vol. 9 (2016): pp. 376-413