Judy Stone, professor of biology and Dr. Charles C. and Pamela W. Leighton Research Fellow, has published an article in Biotropica, the journal of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation. The article, “Diversity of seeds captured by interception exceeds diversity of seeds deposited in traps,” was written with a team of six Colby students who worked with Stone in the field in Costa Rica. In this study, they mist-netted birds, put them in paper bags, collected their droppings in the bags, and cleaned the seeds inside the droppings. After identifying the seeds, they compared the diversity of seeds captured this way to seeds intercepted in seed traps, which is a more typical method for assessing “seed rain.” Images of the seeds can be seen here.

Students involved in the study are Emily Arsenault ’14, Mary Furth Thomas ’15, Alice Hotopp ’15, Matthew Lipman ’15, Mackenzie Nichols ’14, and Margaret Parrish ’15.

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