Bangor Daily News
| by Darren Fishell

Professor of Education Lyn Mikel Brown and Brittany Ray ’93, P’18 were included in a Bangor Daily News story about a new program called TREE, Transforming Rural Experience in Education. The article looks how the program strives to improve the odds of students in poor, rural towns in Washington County, Maine, by using brain science to understand children’s stress factors and behavior. “Most of the education reform work has been done in urban settings,” team member Brown told the BDN. “Rural schools do not have the same access to everything, from nonprofit support to transportation.” The TREE program, directed by Ray, a former teacher in Washington County, is addressing those needs with “specific plans for changing teaching methods and mental health support in its schools,” among other strategies. “So often our work is focused on changing the behavior of the student,” Ray said. “What if we changed that to changing the behavior of the adults, changing the adult competencies in the building?”

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