Popular Science
| by Neel V. Patel

Herb Wilson, the Leslie Brainerd Arey Professor of Biosciences, was quoted in a Sept. 13 Popular Science article titled “Our seasons are out of whack, which is really bad for migratory birds.” Wilson was asked to respond to a recent study in PLOS One on an unevenness in spring’s early arrival across North America and the consequences for migratory birds.

“Wilson describes the paper as ‘compelling,’ particularly in its use of biological observations as a measure of climate versus temperature readings, but he does admit he’s not particularly surprised to see these trends manifest,” the article said. “Birds are sensitive sentinels of climate change,” Wilson told Popular Science. “Climate has obviously changed over the course of the earth’s history, but the rapidity with which warming is currently occurring is terrifying. It poses a real problem for environmental managers, as the paper argues forcefully.”

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