Journal of Chemical Education
| by Julie Millard

Julie Millard, Colby’s Dr. Gerald and Myra Dorros Professor of Chemistry, led a team of students and staff that led to the paper “Genotype and Phenotype of Caffeine Metabolism: A Biochemistry Laboratory Experiment” that appeared in the Journal of Chemical Education Aug. 9. Coauthors include students Tenzin Passang ’19, Jiayu Ye ’18, and Gabriel M. Kline ’19, and staff members Tina M. Beachy, senior lab instructor in biology, Victoria L. Hepburn, chemistry laboratory instructor I, and Edmund J. Klinkerch, chemistry laboratory instructor II. “An experiment for the upper-division undergraduate biochemistry laboratory is described in which students investigate the influence of genetic variations of cytochrome P450 1A2 on drug metabolism, using caffeine as a model compound,” the paper’s abstract reports. “This experiment has clinical significance in the area of personalized medicine.”

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