Professor of Education Adam Howard was interviewed Sept. 21 on NPR’s Here and Now show in an episode titled “‘Incredible’ Privilege At Elite Prep Schools Like Those Kavanaugh And His Accuser Attended.” Howard, who studies privilege and elite secondary education, commented on the role schools play for elite people. “Part of what elite schools do is teach students that hierarchies are normal and a part of everyday life, and a part of everyday interaction,” he told host Jeremy Hobson.

Howard has coauthored a paper in the journal Globisation, Societies, and Education titled “From conscientization to imagining redistributive strategies: Social justice collaborations in elite schools.” The authors “reflect on the challenges of engaging in social justice work within elite schools. Drawing on experiences collaborating with an elite school in a justice-oriented research project, we consider the theoretical resources that informed this work” the paper’s abstract reports.

Howard was also nominated for a 21st Century Icon Award from Squared Watermelon Ltd in London. He was one of only two nominated for the Generous Philanthropist Award, which is for an individual “who seeks to promote the welfare of others, primarily through generous donation of time, effort and money to good causes, or someone who has worked tirelessly towards human development goals while sustaining the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, be it bringing sustainable nutrition, the environment, education and health.” Howard was nominated for his social justice work in elite secondary schools across the world and his social justice approaches to research (collaborating with Colby students in this kind of research).



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