Maine Arts Journal
| by Véronique Plesch

Véronique Plesch, professor of art, has one of her photos of early modern graffiti in an interactive database map of world graffiti at the exhibition “Sur les murs, Histoire(s) de graffitis,” organized by the Centre des monuments nationaux, château de Vincennes through Nov. 11, 2018. The database will be available after the exhibition ends.

Plesch also has an essay in the fall issue of the Maine Arts Journal, “Birds of a Feather: Waldman-Plesch+Plesch-Waldman Discuss the Beginnings of Their Collaboration and Their Dialogue with the History of Museums,” as part of the art collective Waldman-Plesch+Plesch-Waldman (with Louis Alexander Waldman). The publication deals with an installation currently on view at the L.C. Bates Museum in Hinkley, Maine.

On Sept. 21 she lectured and led a tour for a group of residents from Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency in the Colby College Museum of Art, where they explored the benefits of “slow looking” in the practice of medicine.

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