Assistant Professor of Biology Ron Peck coauthored a paper “Species Widely Distributed in Halophilic Archaea Exhibit Opsin-Mediated Inhibition of Bacterioruberin Biosynthesis” recently published in the Journal of Bacteriology, a publication of the American Society of Microbiology. The paper’s other two authors are Serena Graham, lab instructor in biology, and Abby M. Gregory ’19. This paper builds on the team’s previous work that “described a regulatory mechanism by which Halobacterium salinarum bacterioopsin and Haloarcula vallismortis cruxopsin inhibit bacterioruberin synthesis catalyzed by lycopene elongase.” This paper shows their findings “that opsins in all three major Halobacteria clades inhibit bacterioruberin synthesis, suggesting that this regulatory mechanism existed in the common Halobacteria ancestor,” according to the paper’s abstract.