| by Jen Christensen

James Fleming, the Charles A. Dana Professor of Science, Technology, and Society, was quoted in a Feb. 8 CNN piece titled “Cli-fi (climate fiction) on the big screen changes minds about real climate change.” Climate change fiction genre—cli-fi—”seems to help people believe in actual climate change, even when Hollywood’s version of the science is a bit off,” the story reports. “Fleming, one of the world’s better-known history of scientific experts that focuses on climate change, said ‘Snowpiercer’ was a ‘free airplane flick.’ He watched it, ironically, on his way home from a geoengineering conference ‘where I had a lecture on the insanity of planetary intervention,'” CNN reported.

“He found the class conflict and the revolution on the train interesting, as (spoiler alert) was the ending. ‘Two survivors of the inevitable train wreck (both people of color) seem to foreshadow a new beginning and a hopeful future,’ Fleming wrote in an email. Yet a hungry polar bear looks down on them. The film ends suddenly before the polar bear has his dinner.”
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