Phi Beta Kappan
| by Lyn Mikel Brown and Jenny Flaumenhaft '19

An article by Professor of Education Lyn Mikel Brown and Jenny Flaumenhaft ’19 was published in Phi Delta Kappan Feb. 25. Titled “Student-empowered curricular change,” the article details their work using an initiative called TREE—Transforming Rural Experience in Education—at Maine’s Seabrook Elementary School. TREE uses a bottom-up approach and recognizes that empowerment is key to student success. At Seabrook, which “has had the lowest test scores and the highest absentee rates in the district,” Brown’s “TREE team of undergraduate students, practitioners, and researchers set out to develop a student-empowered approach to curricular reform,” the authors wrote. “By offering children more power and control over their learning environments,” they concluded, “such practices help teachers support and encourage all students to be academically successful.”  

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