| by Robert Gastaldo

The journal Nature has published an article by Robert Gastaldo, the Whipple-Coddington Professor of Geology, in its News and Views section. The March 1 article, “Ancient plants escaped the end-Permian mass extinction,” details what two papers (one by Fielding et al., the other by Nowak et al.) “reveal about what happened to terrestrial plants during the end-Permian crisis,” Gastaldo writes. Written for a general science audience, Gastaldo’s article concludes that, “In contrast to prevailing wisdom, Nowak and colleagues demonstrate that land plants did not experience widespread extinction during Earth’s most severe biological crisis. Their conclusion is similar to that drawn for terrestrial vertebrates11. This leaves the relationship between the end-Permian marine mass extinction and the effect on land at the time enigmatic for now, and still up in the air for further investigation.”

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