Loren McClenachan, the Elizabeth and Lee Ainslie Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, has published an article in Ambio, a peer-reviewed scientific journal of the human environment. “Views from the dock: Warming waters, adaptation, and the future of Maine’s lobster fishery” discusses how Maine fishermen perceive and prepare for climate-related threats. “Those with adaptation plans demonstrated fundamentally different views of human agency in this system, observing greater anthropogenic threats, but also a greater ability to control the fishery through their own actions on the water and fisheries management processes,” she wrote.

Data collection for this paper was done with Colby students over the past four years as part of the Environmental Studies Domestic Policy capstone. Students listed in the paper’s acknowledgements are Ryan Clemens ’17, Katie Chicojay ’16, Clea Harrelson ’16, Robin Lewis, Sara LoTemplio ’16, Ella McDonald ’19, Juila Nelson ’19, Barlow Peelle ’18, Tucker Plante ’18, Joshua Reed ’17, Kaya Williams ’18, Emma Wood ’16, and Olivia Wright ’19.