Professor of Psychology Martha Arterberry was profiled by the psychology journal Infant Behavior & Developmentat which she serves as editor-in-chief. The profile shows how her path from undergraduate work at Pomona College, to an exchange program at Swarthmore College, to graduate work at the University of Minnesota kept her research focused on infant perception. Arterberry finds “working with babies and trying to figure out what they can see and what they know a really fascinating puzzle, and she enjoyed the questions, methods and new discoveries,” the article reports.

Arterberry is the journal’s second female editor-in-chief and is moving the journal forward in several ways, including a renewed focus on special issues, introducing new formats for articles, and ensuring the journal “stays with its history and remains interdisciplinary and international.” A supportive, nurturing approach is essential. “My hope is that people come away from their engagement with the journal feeling it had been worth their time, even if they don’t get the acceptance,” she told the journal.



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