eJewish Philanthropy
| by Rachel Isaacs

Rabbi Rachel Isaacs wrote a letter titled “Small Town Jewish Life Takes Center Stage” printed in the “Readers Forum” section of eJewish Philanthropy June 11, 2019. In it, she chronicles how she came to settle in Waterville and create Colby’s Center for Small Town Jewish Life. “Our core values of economic accessibility, dynamic learning, and collaboration across institutional and generational lines have animated all of the center’s programs since its inception,” she writes.

Communities like Waterville are the future of Jewish life, she continues. “Small town Jewish communities have always demanded elbow grease, innovative solutions, and a determined entrepreneurial spirit. If you look at who is leading major Jewish organizations today, you would be surprised by how many of them come from towns like Waterville, bringing their determination and hard-won Jewish knowledge back to the centers of Jewish life.”

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