| by Ella Nilsen

Sandy Maisel, the Goldfarb Family Distinguished Professor of American Government, was quoted in a June 26 article on Vox titled “Why Democrats think 2020 is the year they can defeat Susan Collins” in which he expressed skepticism about Collins’s moderate image. “Despite the fact she would like to be, she is not John McCain, Maisel said, referring to the ‘maverick’ reputation the senator sometimes had before his death last year. She doesn’t have the moral rectitude. She’s not going to stand up on these issues and say this is who I am. She frets so much about how she’s going to vote and is the last person to commit,” he told Vox. 

The Vox article has been cited elsewhere, including in a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee press release and in an AlterNet article titled “Behind the scenes of Democrats’ full-throttle effort to unseat Maine’s Susan Collins.”

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