Radio Voice of the People
| by Edinah Masanga

A Q&A with human rights activist Jestina Mukoko, the 2010 Fellow at Colby’s Oak Institute for Human Rights, appeared in a Radio Voice of the People piece titled “Honour & Valour: The Story Of Jestina Mukoko.” Mukoko discusses her 2008 abduction by the Mugabe government in Zimbabwe as well as her book, The Abduction and Trial of Jestina Mukoko (2016, KMM Review Publishing), the seeds of which began while she was at Colby. “I think I just want to encourage people to read this book especially this time as Zimbabwe is heading towards an election. I’m basically really resolved of the fact that I need to get the message out to the government to say not again will there be another person facing enforced disappearance,” she told Edinah Masanga, who conducted the interview.


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