National Public Radio
| by Rhitu Chatterjee

In a July 10 NPR story titled “The Famous Big 5 Personality Test Might Not Reveal The True You,” Assistant Professor of Psychology Christopher Soto is quoted repeatedly on the origins of the test as well as a recent study testing its effectiveness in developing countries. Researchers are finding “that in many of these developing countries, people tended to agree more than disagree with the Big Five statements,” NPR reported. Soto, who is a consultant on a Kenya project as part of the larger study, said, “The most surprising thing to me was if someone was interviewed twice by the same interviewer then their responses across the two tests were pretty consistent,” he says. “But if they were interviewed by two different interviewers then their responses were often completely unrelated to each other.”

The story also ran on local NPR stations across the country from South Carolina to Iowa to Oregon to Hawaii.

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