Wilson College

No gasp at a miracle that is truly miraculous because the magic lies in the fact that you knew it was there for you all along.

Jim Condron ’92, a sculptor and artist from Baltimore, has a new exhibition at Wilson College library’s Sue Davison Cooley Gallery opening Sept. 4. Titled You Never Wash it Off Completely, the exhibit uses relics and artifacts from the college that Condron collected with the help of “Wilson archivists, professors, and students to construct compelling art installations from historic artifacts,” according to a press release from the college.

“A typical archives exhibit has a literal feeling with traditional objects arranged with descriptive labels, but in this art installation, Condron magnificently captures both the feeling of belongingness, as well as the fleeting nature of each individual’s experience,” said Amy Ensley, director of Wilson’s Hankey Center for the History of Women’s Education. “This is about shared memories across time and the celebration of a community that endures.”

The exhibition was reviewed by ArtDaily.com, which said, “Each work of art is titled with a textual fragment from literature that intends to add to the piece’s rhetoric rather than naming or defining it. Titles are applied to the works the same way Condron assembles materials and are appropriated from literature by an array of great authors such as Toni Morrison, Ray Bradbury, Don DeLillo, and others.”

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