Professor of English Debra Spark has had several essays and stories published in the last since May. Spark also won a residency at the artist colony Arteles in Finland.

Here are the titles, publications, and links (when available):

“Something Had Gone Wrong,” Cincinnati Review  (short story), spring 2019

“A Container for Art,” Decor Maine, May 2019

Writer Susan Orlean Restores a Schindler Classic In LA,” Dwell, May/June 2019

My House: Writer Susan Orleans,” Dwell+, May/June 2019 (interview)

Scandinavian-Inspired Maine Retreat,” Dwell+, July 2019

The Power of the Lens,” Elysian, summer 2019

The World’s Greatest Art Fair,” Elysian, summer 2019

“A Clapboard Classic on a Maine Island,” New England Home, July-August 2019

“Compact Cape Contemporary,” New England Home, July-August 2019

“Childhood Redux,” New England Home, May-June 2019

“Shop Visit:  23 Milk Street,” New England Home, May-June 2019

“Like Mother, Like Son,” New England Home/CT, Summer 2019