On Nov. 9, Associate Professor of Philosophy Keith Peterson presented a paper in Germany on the work of Nicolai Hartmann as part of a conference, “Philosophical Anthropology as an Interdisciplinary Praxis: Historical & Systematic Perspectives.” Peterson’s lecture, titled “Hartmann’s Contribution to an Ecological Materialist Anthropology,” was presented at the University of Cologne.

Associate Professor Keith Peterson in Cologne, Germany

The conference was sponsored by the Graduate School for the Humanities, Cologne, in cooperation with the Hartmann, Plessner, and Scheler societies.

Hartmann was an early 20th-century German philosopher known for developing an elaborate realist ontology. The paper that Peterson delivered  brought ontological and anthropological ideas to bear on models of the human in environmental philosophy. Peterson argued that Hartmann’s stratified model of the human allows us to avoid reductionism and appreciate the ecological asymmetrical dependence of humans on nonhuman nature. The conference program is online here.