Colby’s 2020 Jan Plan in Salamanca was led by Dean Allbritton, associate professor of Spanish, and the experience was documented as a featured blog by Omprakash, an organization that provides a model, called EdGE, for ethical and educational global engagement.

The blog post, “Language, Power, and Identity in Spain: Reflections from Colby College Students,” translated Colby students’ blog posts and synthesized the work that students did. “Building from the reflection and dialogue that took place within this pre-departure classroom, students created a series of ‘Historias’ (stories) during their month in Salamanca. These posts creatively illustrate a variety of perspectives that students encountered while staying with local families, taking part in activities inside the city, and exploring other historic sites in Spain,” the post said.

Colby’s DavisConnects and Off-Campus Study Department use Omprakash EdGE for their study abroad students as part of the College’s efforts at thinking about Colby’s connection to ‘the global’ on a much more engaged level that doesn’t repeat problematic assumptions about the world beyond the United States.


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