Seattle Times
| by Walter Hatch

Associate Professor of Government Walter Hatch wrote an op-ed titled “With the coronavirus surging, compassion is more important than ever” that appeared in the Seattle Times March 20. The piece recounts the moment when students in Hatch’s class learned the College would be moving to remote learning and sending students home three days hence.

In the midst of the emotions in the classroom, a student inquired about Hatch’s plans, knowing Hatch splits his time between Seattle and Maine. Hatch was deeply touched by the student’s concern. “It was an emotional reminder that, especially in this moment of ‘social distancing,’ we cannot live without compassion,” Hatch wrote. “Sure, we can stock up on food, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and face masks. But what we really need is community, a thick web of connections to one another across the social distance.” 

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