Adrienne Tracy ’20, an environmental science and biology double major, was the co-first author as a team member on a recently published paper in the journal Fish and Shellfish Immunology titled “Genome to phenome tools: In vivo and in vitro transfection of Crassostrea virginica hemocytes” Kiara Reed ’19, who also participated in the “Synthetic Biology” Jan Plan course, was a contributor. The lab’s PI, José A. Fernández Robledo, is a senior research scientist at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, which partners with Colby on providing hands-on opportunities for Colby students to collaborate with scientists at the lab.

Tracy worked with Dr. Raghavendra Yadavalli in Fernández Robledo’s lab on an independent research project during a Colby semester and later in the REU program in the summer of 2019 at Bigelow. The project was to develop genetic tools to interrogate the genome of the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica. The success of delivering foreign genes using chemical transfection has opened the door to hypothesis-driven questions to understand the cellular and molecular
mechanisms in the oyster.

Read Adrienne Tracy’s paper here.