Portland Press Herald
| by Catherine Besteman and Joseph N. Jackson

An op-ed in the June 13 Portland Press Herald co-written by Catherine Besteman, the Francis F. Bartlett and Ruth K. Bartlett Professor of Anthropology, points out concrete steps Maine can take to correct inequalities for people of color living in the state. Places to start, suggested by the authors, include:

    • Maine should take more steps to protect the sovereignty of tribes in the state.
    • Maine should not incarcerate children. 
    • Budgets for police departments should fall and funds should be redirected to support the construction of affordable housing, free health clinics, addiction recovery support, substantive job skills training and adult education.
    • Because the CARES Act discriminates against many categories of legal immigrants, Maine should step up to ensure immigrant Mainers receive equal supports and protections.

Read a PDF of the op-ed, which appeared in the Maine Voices section.

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