Professor of Education Adam Howard and three students have coauthored a paper recently published in the journal Globalisation, Societies and Education. The students, Jamie Pine ’19, Weston Muench ’18, and Sarah Peck ’17, worked on this research over the course of their senior year at Colby (Pine and Peck as an honors project and Muench as independent studies all year). 

The paper, “Securing eliteness class strategies of an elite school in Chile,” looks at “The ways in which elite schools in Chile reproduce power and privilege within the nation’s highly inequitable schooling system are largely ignored by researchers and the general public. In this article, the authors address this gap by identifying and exploring the primary class strategies that an elite school employs to secure their elite status. Through these strategies, the school keeps their community closed to the outside world, promotes shared values within their community, and remains faithful to founding principles in their educational project. These strategies allow the school to uphold strong social isolation, to shield them from public scrutiny, to cultivate elite subjectivities, and to forge a framework through which hierarchies are established. The authors argue that these class strategies not only secure the school’s elite status and
reputation but also are central in maintaining and advancing their students’ class positioning in Chile.