Assistant Professor of Performance Studies and Curatorial Practice Gwyneth Shanks has won a $25,000 grant from the MAP Fund, one of the largest funders for live and performance-based art. The grant will help support a new project, currently in the early stages of development, that draws upon research conducted with AB Brown, assistant professor of contemporary performance, and in conversation with May Joseph, a professor of global studies at the Pratt Institute, and Sarah Lewis-Cappellari, a research-based artist and curator.

Shank’s research focuses on how the historical and ongoing material effects of the colonial project reveal themselves with particular force in relationship to watery sites and spaces. Her project is specifically focused on how oceanic circulations of plant life during the long and ongoing colonial project are conditioned by racialized power, queer desire, and the body. The MAP Fund will support a series of site-specific performances in and along the Atlantic Coast of the Americas and, Covid travel restrictions allowing, the Caribbean.