Scholars and Athletes

The field hockey team earned the National Field Hockey Coaches Association academic team award for having a composite GPA of 3.0 or higher, and eight players were named to the NFHCA Division III National Academic Squad.

Katz Wins NSF CAREER Award

Colby has been awarded more than $400,000 from the National Science Foundation to fund research in chemistry and to attract and retain minority students in the sciences. Jeffrey Katz, assistant professor of chemistry, submitted the winning proposal. Colby was the only four-year undergraduate institution on the list of 35 chemistry winners. Katz's proposal also contains a mentoring component and aims to make research an integral part of the first-year experience.

Creative Odyssey

Creative young thinkers from throughout Maine will congregate at Colby on Saturday, March 24, for Odyssey of the Mind's Maine State Tournament. This international program provides students from kindergarten through college an opportunity to develop and use problem-solving skills in a team environment. Maine's winners will travel to Michigan to compete in the world finals against teams from China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Poland, and more.

Town Meeting Memorial

The late E. Parker Johnson, a dean of faculty at Colby in the 1970s, was remembered in a letter to the Morning Sentinel this week for his record of civic engagement. It's town meeting season in Maine, and coverage of that prompted a letter from Paul Mills recalling that Johnson made the ultimate sacrifice, suffering a fatal stroke at the end of a six-hour town meeting in New Vineyard.

Colby’s Weather

Curious about the weather on Mayflower Hill? Now you can go online to check out a live on-campus weather station set up by the enterprising Dan Opalacz '10. Data from Mayflower Hill is updated at least every 30 minutes. Opalacz's site, "Weather Jolt: Maine Active Weather," also has photos from campus as well as a range of weather information including ski and surf weather forecasts.

Recyclemaniacs Recognized

Colby is in second place for per capita recycling as of week six of "Recyclemania," a contest among colleges and universities. This category measures how much is recycled per person, including paper and bottles and cans. For composting, Colby remains in fifth place. More than 200 schools are participating in the contest that runs through April 7.


Colby's streaming radio is now easier to find than ever. WMHB 89.7 FM has been added to the iTunes radio library, the station announced March 20. In iTunes under radio, users can simply click on "alternative" or "eclectic" and scroll down the selective list of stations. WMHB can also be heard through its Web site. A recent student-produced podcast about the station and what makes it unique is online.

Caribbean Bound

Michelle Presby '09 of Buxton, Maine, received an Osher Scholars Summer Grant to study marine protection and management in the Turks and Caicos Islands beginning in June. An Osher Scholar finishing her sophomore year, she received $5,000 to work with the island population on managing tourism in ways that will protect their coral reefs. Presby is a biology major with a concentration in environmental science.

And the Ivory-Bill Debate Rages On

It's been three years since an ivory-billed woodpecker reportedly was seen and heard in a remote Arkansas swamp, but the debate is as fresh as ever. In this week's Science magazine, a letter from a research team -- including Colby Research Associate Louis Bevier -- provides compelling evidence that the bird's plumage is consistent with that of a pileated woodpecker.

Xerxes, Leonidas, Bush, and Cheney

Commentators are drawing parallels between the Hollywood blockbuster "300" and current American foreign policy, and Colby Classics Professor Kerill O'Neill was tapped by ABC News for his views. The film depicts the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. In an article titled "Does Bush Resemble Leonidas or Xerxes?" O'Neill, who works at an archaeological site near Thermophylae, said he can understand why people are making comparisons with modern politics.

Waste Not

Halfway through a 10-week competition called "Recyclemania," Colby is in fifth place in the food waste category for its comprehensive composting program. More than 200 colleges and universities are participating in the contest, which recognizes institutions for waste minimization and for recycling paper, cardboard, bottles and cans, and food.

Heart-Healthy Dining Halls

As in New York City, diners on Mayflower Hill are no longer be consuming the hidden and harmful trans fats often found in oils and shortenings. Sodexho, which runs Colby Dining Services, notes that some trans fats may still be found in meat and dairy products, but that most come from processed products and will now be avoided.

Going Greener

Colby students last week found hundreds of new travel mugs in the dining halls, allowing them to grab one to keep their coffee, tea, and cocoa warm on their way to class. When they bring the mugs back to a dining hall the next day, the staff washes them for reuse. The program allows Dining Services to stop providing disposable paper cups and is one of many green initiatives at Colby.

Great Scott

The Cambridge Art Association announced Feb. 28 that Associate Professor of Art Scott Reed will receive first prize in its 10th Annual National Prize Show. Reed's painting -- "Waiting in Line for the Chattanooga Choo-Choo When All of a Sudden Out Pops This Fancied Fugue" -- won against almost 3,000 other submissions. It is one of 114 works that will be exhibited in Cambridge, Mass., May 4-June 20. Thomas W. Lentz, director of the Harvard University Art Museums, juried the show.

Brown’s Book Award

Packaging Girlhood: Rescuing Our Daughters from Marketers' Schemes, a book co-written by Colby Professor Lyn Mikel Brown, won a Books for a Better Life award on February 26 in New York. Competition in the childcare/parenting category included Tim Russert's Wisdom of Our Fathers. Brown and co-author Sharon Lamb have been in high demand from the media since the 2006 publication, sharing insights on everything from Sesame Street to Bratz dolls.

International Sharing, Locally

On February 16, the halls of Madison (Maine) Junior High School resounded with foreign languages, songs, drums, and aromas, thanks to Colby students and language assistants from a dozen countries who taught about their homelands. As participants in Madison International Day, they provided food, geography lessons, and languages for junior high students.

Changing Lives Abroad

Spending a semester in South Africa didn't just change Colby senior Robert Rosenbaum's life. It changed the lives of those who have benefited from the nonprofit organization he set up to help impoverished families get ahead. "In some cases this means rebuilding a home, while in others it simply entails helping the family obtain identity documents or other seemingly minor materials that can change their lives," Rosenbaum wrote in the spring issue of Abroad View magazine.

Presidents’ Day Radio

Among the presidents being honored today is Abraham Lincoln, and Doris Kearns Goodwin '64 will discuss her 2005 biography of Lincoln with Terry Gross on National Public Radio's "Fresh Air" tonight. Goodwin's book Team of Rivals looks at Lincoln through examining three of his political foes-turned-allies -- his opponents for the Republican nomination. Check your local public radio station for times.

Maisel on Wisconsin Public Radio

What does a non-binding resolution to stop a troop increase in Iraq really mean? Where will it lead? Director of the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement L. Sandy Maisel will address these questions and more on a live Wisconsin Public Radio call-in program on Monday, February 19, at 9 a.m. EST. Listeners outside Wisconsin can hear "Conversations with Joy Cardin" through online streaming at

Big Macs Better in Beijing

Martin Connelly '08 doesn't eat at McDonald's when he's home in Maine. But in China, where he recently spent four months editing copy for a TV station, the Golden Arches represented comfort food he couldn't resist. He read his essay about his favorite Beijing burgers on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network's "Maine Things Considered" on Thursday, February 15. Also, you can listen to Connelly (a.k.a. "Moxie") in the Inside Colby Podcast -- he's the latest addition to that team.