Tuition Runs Out…

Recognizing that Colby's comprehensive fee pays only part of the cost of running the College, students on the Senior Pledge Committee have designated April 17 as Tuition Runs Out, Philanthropy Begins Day. The comprehensive fee covers 74 percent of the cost a Colby education. With three quarters of the year over, organizers are highlighting the fact that all students receive a "silent scholarship" for the other 26 percent from donations and other sources. The event was organized to recognize the 12,000 alumni and parents who give to the Colby Fund.

Besteman on Somalia

Anthropology Professor Catherine Besteman worked in Somalia in the late 1980s and has been reunited with some of the people she knew there who are now refugees in Maine. She published an op-ed, "Somalia a Victim of American Failures" in the April 15 Portland Press Herald. In it she traces a history of U.S. involvement in Somalia over the past two decades and suggests actions she thinks our elected officials should take.

Knock on Wood

With events on campus and off, the Knock on Wood Guitarfest returns to Waterville April 18-19, with workshops and concerts featuring varied techniques and genres by an array of master musicians. This is the fourth annual edition, all with Colby as one of the sponsors, and this year Colby artist-in-residence and sarod virtuoso Aditya Verma joins the lineup.

Award-Winning Science

Escar Kusema '09 won a third-place award for a neuroscience poster at the New England Science Symposium at Harvard University April 6, and Aynara Chavez-Munoz '08 received an honorable mention. The competition involved hundreds of graduate and undergraduate projects. Kusema's poster is titled "Cellular mechanisms of melatonin-induced and calmodulin-inhibited neurite growth in crustacean x-organ cells." Chavez-Munoz's is "Mifeprisone reduces HPA-axis responsivity and increases neuronal activation in prefrontal cortex following acute stress." Both will be presented in the upcoming Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Spudware in Spa

Biodegradable serving dishes and utensils in Colby's snack bar, including "Spudware" knives, forks, and spoons, are among a wide range of green-friendly initiatives in Dining Services. When you pick up disposable cutlery to eat in the Spa, it's made of potato starch. Cups for cold drinks are made of cornstarch. Properly composted, they disintegrate in 90 days. See Dining Services news, including sustainability initiatives, online.

Town and Gown Onstage

A Morning Sentinel review of the Waterville Opera House production "Jesus Christ Superstar" highlights the Waterville-Colby collaboration. "Much of the magic of this production is due to the incredible set designed by master craftsman Jim Jenkins, the brilliance of Colby's Jim Thurston's lighting design, and Colby's Christine Nilles, whose costumes are stunning and letter perfect." With shows continuing this weekend, as many as 20 people with Colby connections are involved.

Death Valley Video

The Outing Club sponsored a half dozen trips over spring break, and this year an insideColby videographer brought back a vodcast about his group's trip to Death Valley. Death Valley comes alive online (along with other videos, podcasts, photos, stories, and more) at

Prestigious NSF Fellowship

Caroline Theoharides '06 is the winner of a prestigious Graduate Student Research Fellowship in Economics from the National Science Foundation. Her project on migrant remittances was one of just 7% of applications funded. After two years at the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston, Theoharides starts a Ph.D. program in economics at the University of Michigan in September. She talked about her undergraduate studies in a recent Colby magazine story.

Brinkema Receives Brody Award

Judge Leonie M. Brinkema, who received Colby's Morton A. Brody Distinguished Judicial Service Award Sunday, cited reasons for hope, despite her concerns about national rhetoric of a "War on Terror," a narrowly averted "Constitutional crisis," and threats against her that led the U.S. Marshals Service to prohibit photography at the event. She told the audience that the attorney general is modifying some of the most controversial policies of recent years, Congress is providing more counterweight to claims of executive power, and the judiciary is doing its job, stirring the pot. "It is our obligation to ensure that the executive branch acts reasonably," she said. Read more in the Morning Sentinel.

Climate Engineering

When Australian Broadcasting Corporation National Radio reported April 6 on efforts to artificially manipulate the climate to cool down the Earth, they tapped, among others, Professor Jim Fleming (science, technology, and society) for their program "The Climate Engineers." Fleming calls the subject "unsettling and relevant... with plenty of angst and potential bad guys," and he's writing a book about it. Also on the program: Nobel Laureate Thomas Schelling, who received an honorary degree as Colby's 2007 commencement speaker.

Freeman Fellows

Colby seniors Tom Huff and Keane Ng represented the Colby Freeman Student-Faculty Fellowship Research team at the ASIANetwork Conference, March 13-15 in San Antonio. They explained the team's research findings and presented "Images from China: A Window to Social and Cultural Change" as part of an academic panel. The team has an online photo exhibition from their research trip to China.

Internet Radio Leader

Colby's student-run radio station, WMHB 89.7FM, has reached the top 5 percent among the 10,000 radio stations streaming with Live365, a global Internet radio provider. Live365 is the world's largest Internet radio network, with more than four million listeners a month. WMHB features an eclectic blend of music programming, focusing on new music from emerging artists. WMHB can also be heard through its site.

Japanese Baseball Connection

The beginning of a new baseball season brings a new partnership between the Boston Red Sox and the Japanese team Chiba Lotte Marines, which is managed by Bobby Valentine. Working with Valentine on the endeavor is Larry Rocca '90, a one-time sportswriter who joined the Marines four years ago. A feature about Rocca's role appears in the next issue of Colby magazine, online this week at

Brinkema to Receive Brody Award

The Honorable Leonie M. Brinkema, who sentenced 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui to life in prison, will receive the 2008 Brody Award April 6. Brinkema, a U.S. District Court judge for the Eastern District of Virginia, is being recognized for integrity, compassion, humanity, and judicial excellence. She will deliver the Brody address Sunday evening following an afternoon panel discussion titled The Conflict Between Protected Civil Liberties and Government Intrusion in a Time of Terrorist Threats.

Authors Collaborate for a Cause

A new book, A Healing Touch: True Stories of Life, Death and Hospice, combines the work of six Maine writers with Colby connections to tell stories of loss and inspiration. Edited by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and former Colby professor Richard Russo, the book will benefit Waterville hospice. "The stories that emerged attempted to do justice to the strength, courage, and resilience of the subjects," wrote contributor (and Colby magazine editor) Gerry Boyle '78 in a recent blog post.

Colby to Test Emergency Siren

Colby will test its new emergency siren on Wednesday, March 26, between 10 a.m. and noon. The test will include a loud tone or tones and a voice message expected to be audible within about two miles. School shootings around the country have prompted colleges and universities nationwide to reassess and bolster emergency response plans, and Colby added the siren to expand its ability to alert students, faculty, visitors, and the Colby community about a potential life-threatening emergency.

Kidd Honored for Helping Kids

For his decade of work as program director of a camp for children affected by HIV/AIDS and his solo show, Sigh/Omelas, inspired by that experience, Steve Kidd '97 will be honored with a 2008 Lewis Hine Award for Service to Children and Youth from the National Child Labor Committee. The awards are given annually to 10 relatively unknown men and women for their efforts on behalf of the health, education, and welfare of children and youth, particularly those at risk.

Toxic Toys

Toys containing unsafe levels of lead and toxic chemicals made news in recent months and, in Maine, the issue has moved from headlines to the legislature, where lawmakers are considering a bill addressing toxic chemicals in children's products. Students in a course titled The Environment and Human Health are focusing on this issue and held a public forum on March 19 for residents to learn more about the issue and the legislation.

Chemistry of Climate Change

Introduced by Professor of Science, Technology, and Society Jim Fleming as "an individual of world historical significance whose work has literally saved the planet's ozone shield and preserved life on earth," Nobel Laureate F. Sherwood Rowland delivered the keynote address at the 57th annual Colby Leadership Institute on March 14. Rowland discussed his research on the theme of this year's institute: climate change and global warming.

Road Resolution

A state Department of Transportation plan to address deteriorating roads in Waterville by giving full control of Mayflower Hill Drive through campus to Colby was aired in City Council chambers Wednesday. Colby will own the road, with plans to spend $5 to 7 million to rebuild it, beginning this fall at the earliest. President William Adams assured residents at the hearing that he expects the road will remain open as a through route indefinitely. The Morning Sentinel covered the hearing.