Be a part of Colby's Third Century Colby 2013

As the College moves into its third century, we’ll be celebrating Colby’s long and storied history and honoring the singular focus that has shaped one of the world’s great undergraduate colleges. But no institution forges ahead by simply looking back.

Colby 2013: Toward the Bicentennial is a series of strategic initiatives—built around our curriculum, our culture, and our campus—that do more than reflect our proud heritage.

They will propel us into an even more vibrant future.

  • Our Curriculum

    Our Curriculum

    Colby entered the 21st century stronger than ever, committed to liberal arts education, and with distinctive areas of strength that include environmental studies, the humanities broadly, the January Program, public affairs and civic engagement, the visual arts, and writing programs. As Colby looks forward, we are prepared to seize strategic opportunities made possible by our accomplishments in these areas, all so integral to our curriculum.

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  • Our Culture

    Our Culture

    Colby has long distinguished itself as a place of opportunity, where the most capable students are admitted and succeed regardless of creed, race, ethnicity, gender identity, nationality, sexual orientation, or economic background. We need to ensure that the Colby community reflects the diversity of our country and the world, that Colby is accessible to students from all backgrounds, and that our graduates acquire the abilities and experience to thrive in the multicultural 21st-century world.

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  • Our Campus

    Our Campus

    Mayflower Hill is the catalyst and crucible for experiences and relationships that alumni cite as the best preparation imaginable for success. But if our intention is to provide a transformational experience in a state-of-the-art learning environment, our physical facilities must keep pace. We must improve key campus facilities to support the curriculum and campus life, and we must model environmentally responsible, sustainable practices in our buildings and our operations.

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In Their Footsteps: Contribute to a Vibrant Third Century for Colby

Whether you choose to make a gift to the Bicentennial Challenge or to support one of the College's larger strategic initiatives, you are fueling our forward progress. Your generosity strengthens the transformative power of a Colby education and makes it more accessible to both current and future generations of some of the world's most promising young scholars.

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Be a part of Colby's Third Century