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Chris Andrews
Occupation: Economics, Nonprofit
Major: Economics

"Moussa," say the Senegalese locals when they casually greet this economics major. Andrews helped Senegalese women build small businesses in their native Nioro du Rip.  Read more »

Josh Kahane
Major: Economics

After a year working in Boston for a market research firm, this economics major took to his interest in medicine to Uganda, where he implements a pilot study monitoring HIV/AIDS patients' adherence to medication. Read more »

Jess Minty
Occupation: Athletics
Major: Economics

Read how this NCAA All-American adds distance to her regime as she runs toward her Olympic goal. Read more »

Charles Data
Occupation: Finance, Nonprofit

The former refugee returned home to take part in the rise of South Sudan. Read more »

Occupation: Business
Major: Economics

Working with a California mill to create a fabric from recycled beechwood fiber, Natenshon launched Marine Layer, a San Francisco-based clothing company that specializes in softer-than-cotton T-shirts. Read more »

Erik Quist
Occupation: Armed Forces
Major: Economics

The Marine Corps captain, whose feet, ankles, and spine were severely damaged in a bomb blast in Afghanistan in August 2011, can walk, jog, sprint, and jump thanks to a high-tech carbon-fiber prosthetic recently developed by the military. Read more »

Robin Ottaway
Occupation: Food
Major: Economics

The Brooklyn Brewery has gone from trying to sell a few cases at a time in the neighborhood to playing in 23 states and 12 countries, with a Colby grad as a partner and VP for out-of-state sales. Read more »

Jim Donahue
Occupation: Nonprofit
Major: Economics

From a bank to a charter school to CEO of one of the countries top living-history museums, this alumnus specializes in leadership, vision, and change. Read more »

Rose Marie del Rio
Occupation: Business, Food
Major: Economics

After earning a degree from Harvard Business School, del Rio started Chippitas brand potato chips in 1994, and they’ve been selling steadily in South America ever since. Read more »

Christine Petersen
Major: Economics

As chief marketing officer for TripAdvsor and mother to Charlotte, Peterson finds that balancing career, motherhood, home, and personal life can create plenty of angst. Read more »

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