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Tiffany Ng
Occupation: Business, Food

In Copenhagen, Tiffany Ng ’08 has created a gastronomic niche that is part food, part fashion, part musical theater. Read more »

Alana McGee
Occupation: Food

McGee, owner of Toil & Truffle in Seattle, professionally trains dogs to hunt down truffles throughout the United States and Europe. Read more »

Robin Ottaway
Occupation: Food
Major: Economics

The Brooklyn Brewery has gone from trying to sell a few cases at a time in the neighborhood to playing in 23 states and 12 countries, with a Colby grad as a partner and VP for out-of-state sales. Read more »

Amanda Hallowell
Major: English

Coming home to the island of North Haven, Maine, this chef has capitalized on the burgeoning local and organic food movements by working almost solely with locally grown and harvested foods. Read more »

Rose Marie del Rio
Occupation: Business, Food
Major: Economics

After earning a degree from Harvard Business School, del Rio started Chippitas brand potato chips in 1994, and they’ve been selling steadily in South America ever since. Read more »