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Occupation: Education, Nonprofit
Major: Philosophy

In the week he graduated, Kalin published an essay in Time magazine and was profiled on page one of the Morning Sentinel. After graduation he planned to spread his sexual violence awareness movement, Party With Consent. Read more »

Yuri Maruyama
Occupation: Nonprofit

Yuri Maruyama works for the U.S.-Japan Council, a relatively new nonprofit that strives to create personal connections between people from both countries. Read more »

Emily Goodnow

Awn Be Se means "we can" in Bambara, the local language in Bamako, Mali, and a $10,000 Projects for Peace award allowed this alumna to build girls' aspirations, business skills, and self images in this African capital. Read more »

Ellen Newcomb
Major: Government

This government major found her calling as an advocate for health care, which led her to law school at American University. Read more »

Chris Andrews
Occupation: Economics, Nonprofit
Major: Economics

"Moussa," say the Senegalese locals when they casually greet this economics major. Andrews helped Senegalese women build small businesses in their native Nioro du Rip.  Read more »

Charles Data
Occupation: Finance, Nonprofit

The former refugee returned home to take part in the rise of South Sudan. Read more »

Graham Macmillan

This alum and his partners at the nonprofit VisionSpring have developed an innovative way to distribute reading glasses to people in developing countries. Read more »

Peter DelGreco
Occupation: Nonprofit

In 2012 DelGreco was named president and CEO of Maine & Company, a Portland-based nonprofit specializing in attracting out-of-state business to Maine. Read more »

Susan Zimmermann
Occupation: Nonprofit

A New Hampshire resident and mother of a boy with Down syndrome, Zimmermann co-chairs a board that is seeking to expand Best Buddies International in her home state. Read more »

Jill Wertz Scalise
Occupation: Nonprofit

As director of case management for a homeless shelter on Cape Cod, Scalise sees a part of the cape where life is anything but a vacation. Read more »

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