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Yuri Maruyama
Occupation: Nonprofit

Yuri Maruyama works for the U.S.-Japan Council, a relatively new nonprofit that strives to create personal connections between people from both countries. Read more »

Emily Goodnow

Awn Be Se means "we can" in Bambara, the local language in Bamako, Mali, and a $10,000 Projects for Peace award allowed this alumna to build girls' aspirations, business skills, and self images in this African capital. Read more »

Ellen Newcomb
Major: Government

This government major found her calling as an advocate for health care, which led her to law school at American University. Read more »

Chris Andrews
Occupation: Economics, Nonprofit
Major: Economics

"Moussa," say the Senegalese locals when they casually greet this economics major. Andrews helped Senegalese women build small businesses in their native Nioro du Rip.  Read more »

Charles Data
Occupation: Finance, Nonprofit

The former refugee returned home to take part in the rise of South Sudan. Read more »

Graham Macmillan

This alum and his partners at the nonprofit VisionSpring have developed an innovative way to distribute reading glasses to people in developing countries. Read more »

Peter DelGreco
Occupation: Nonprofit

In 2012 DelGreco was named president and CEO of Maine & Company, a Portland-based nonprofit specializing in attracting out-of-state business to Maine. Read more »

Susan Zimmermann
Occupation: Nonprofit

A New Hampshire resident and mother of a boy with Down syndrome, Zimmermann co-chairs a board that is seeking to expand Best Buddies International in her home state. Read more »

Jill Wertz Scalise
Occupation: Nonprofit

As director of case management for a homeless shelter on Cape Cod, Scalise sees a part of the cape where life is anything but a vacation. Read more »

Jim Donahue
Occupation: Nonprofit
Major: Economics

From a bank to a charter school to CEO of one of the countries top living-history museums, this alumnus specializes in leadership, vision, and change. Read more »

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