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Nina Gold
Occupation: Medical + Health
Major: Psychology

Investigating why preschool children have difficulty estimating others' ages, this award-winning psychology major was the subject of an Echo profile (written by Kelsey Conroy '13). Read more »

Jeronimo Maradiaga
Major: Biology

This Thomas J. Watson Fellowship winner was a smart kid from a single-parent home in the South Bronx. Few people knew his responsibilities included more than his studies at Colby. Read more »

Kate Sheridan
Occupation: Athletics

The only four-time All-American in the history of Colby extends her lacrosse career down under. Read more »

Daniel Gomez
Majors: Physics, Music

Physics, music, and engineering. Combining these passions proved easy at Colby -- with help from the Colby/Dartmouth dual-degree program. Read more »

Avi David
Occupation: Volunteer
Major: Music

After participating in the Music Department's Contact Zone JanPlan, David headed for the Himalayas and the Prajwal School in Nepal—a school open to all castes, religions, and backgrounds. Read more »

Tiffany Ng
Occupation: Business, Food

In Copenhagen, Tiffany Ng ’08 has created a gastronomic niche that is part food, part fashion, part musical theater. Read more »

Emily Goodnow

Awn Be Se means "we can" in Bambara, the local language in Bamako, Mali, and a $10,000 Projects for Peace award allowed this alumna to build girls' aspirations, business skills, and self images in this African capital. Read more »

Occupation: Business
Major: Chemistry

Doyle and his team at Desktop Genetics Ltd. have developed a bioinformatics management system, AutoClone, to revolutionize the way genetic engineers work in laboratories around the world. Read more »

Mariah Buckley
Occupation: Medical + Health

Mariah Buckley is in the bilingual cohort of the nursing program at Phoenix College in Arizona. Her goal is to become a nurse practitioner and work in pediatric oncology. Read more »

Occupation: Education

Mitchell Bartkiewicz joined Teach For America, then moved to a Knowledge Is Power Program school in Memphis. Three years in, he’s completing a KIPP fellowship and preparing to head up a second KIPP school in Memphis. Read more »