What application materials are required for a candidate’s dossier?
We require three items:
(i) A completed application form, which also requires a personal statement
(ii) Your most recent resume
(iii) Two letters of recommendation

How can I access the application form?
It is preferred that applicants fill out the web-based form on the application page on our website as available. If you have difficulty with the form, please contact the Oak Institute via e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: 207.859.5304.

What information should I provide in the essays?
The Oak Institute has a dual mission of providing a respite for practitioners doing important and difficult work and making a contribution to increasing awareness of human rights issues on campus. The essays provide you an opportunity to speak to the nature of your work and what you are likely to do when in residence.

Should I send other materials about my human rights work and the work of my organization?
Optional, but recommended. Anything that gives the selection committee a better idea regarding the kind of work in which you are involved is highly desirable.

Should an applicant send publications?
Not necessarily. This is not a research or traditional academic position. On the other hand, if the publications speak to the kind of work you have done or the likely contribution you might make on campus, the applicant should feel free to include them.

Can applications be sent via fax or e-mail?
Certainly. Please contact us for a Microsoft Word version of the form. Applications can be submitted by fax: 207-859-5229 or by e-mail, either as an attachment or in the body of the message.

Must the application be written in English?
Yes. The personal statement must be written in English, though you can provide materials written in another language.

How restrictive is the deadline?
The November deadline for nominations is not firm. A person may indeed apply directly without a nomination. The deadline for applications, however, is strict. The deadline for the 2019 application has passed.  If you come from a part of the world where mail to North America is slow, we strongly recommend that you submit an online application, e-mail or fax your application or send it by an international courier.