The Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights is soliciting proposals for one new or substantially revised course with significant human rights content to be offered in the Fall 2014 semester in coordination with the Oak Fellowship for that year.

The Oak selection committee would then choose the regional or thematic content of that course as the focus for its 2013-14 search.  The faculty member whose course is chosen would be expected to serve on the search committee for the 2014 Oak Fellow and contribute to Oak Institute programming in Fall 2014 by inviting at least one human rights-related scholar or practitioner to campus, both the speak to his or her class and to organize one Oak-sponsored event for the campus community.

The successful candidate will receive a stipend of $3000 during the 2014-15 year for developing and teaching the course.

The purpose of this course development grant is to create a stronger integration between the Oak Fellow – who is selected as a human rights defender rather than as a scholar – and the academic study of human rights on campus.  We see this as an opportunity for faculty to connect the Oak Fellowship to their work and bring to campus prominent speakers on human rights issues who could expand the conversations generated by the presence of the Oak Fellow on campus.


The following material is required for applications:

  1. Course Development Proposal: Attach a copy of a tentative syllabus for the proposed human rights course.
  2. Personal Statement. Provide a description of the course, your interest in teaching it, its relationship to your teaching and/or research, its focus on human rights, and its contribution to the curriculum.  Also indicate if this is a new or revised course.  If the latter, spell out what revisions you are making to an existing course and include your most recent syllabus in the attachment.
  3. Focus of the Oak Search : If your proposal is selected, what should be the regional or thematic focus of the search?  Please provide a title and a two to three-sentence description.
  4. Oak Programming and Invited Speakers: If your proposal is selected, what speakers would you recommend inviting to your class and to the campus community in an Oak-sponsored events?  Are there other ways in which you might participate in or support our Oak human rights programming in the fall?  And are there departments, programs and faculty with comparable interests that might work with you in sponsoring events on campus?