How do I nominate someone?
Nominations should be sent in online using the nominations page (preferred) or sent in to the Director or Assistant Director of the program at or via fax at 207-859-5229 or via postal mail to Assistant Director, Oak Institute for Human Rights, Colby College, Waterville, ME 04901. (NOTE: Please inform the Oak Institute of your nomination in time for the candidate to complete the necessary application forms by the deadline.)

What information should nominators provide?

At a minimum, nominators should provide contact information (e-mail, postal or fax address) in order to inform the candidate of his/her nomination and forward the application materials.

Should nominators provide a detailed letter explaining why she/he nominated a particular candidate?
Though strongly recommended, a detailed letter is optional. If the nomination letter provides sufficient details about the candidate and her/his human rights work, it can also serve as one of the letters of recommendation needed to complete the application.

Can someone nominate her/himself?
Yes, self-nomination is perfectly acceptable. A candidate can nominate her/himself simply by completing the application. No other paperwork is required.

What is the purpose of nominations?
Nominations help us identify outstanding practitioners in human rights. The nomination deadline in November gives us time to contact the candidate to suggest that she/he apply. Nomination letters become part of the set of recommendations required in the application. The fact that organizations or individuals working in the field of human rights recognize the contributions of a particular person is an important factor in evaluating the application. However, candidates may apply directly without having been nominated; organizations may provide support through recommendations in the application.