What kind of teaching responsibilities are expected of the Oak Fellow?
We expect some kind of regular interaction with students. The Oak Fellow teaches a one credit non-graded course that meets once per week with students focusing on the human rights issues with which the fellow is involved. To facilitate these meetings, students enroll in a one-credit, ungraded discussion section to be led by the Oak Fellow and a member of the Colby faculty; meetings and times are determined early in the fall semester. Interested fellows are encouraged (but are not required) to teach a formal course or to collaborate with College faculty members by team teaching. The fellow would also provide guest lectures in courses on subjects that relate to her or his work.

What other responsibilities does the Oak Fellow have?
The Oak Fellow is expected to give a talk to the campus community early in the semester. In addition, the fellow is expected to be an intellectual presence on campus, giving and attending human rights lectures, working with students, and giving talks in the community.

How is the Fellow involved in the Oak Lecture Series?
The Oak Fellow will assist the Oak Institute in inviting outside speakers for lectures, panels, debates, films, and other events highlighting human rights issues in the fellow’s area of expertise.