Educating for the Global World

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To thrive in today’s rapidly changing global age, you need to be ready to engage meaningfully with today’s world of unprecedented diversity. Colby’s commitment to providing students with quality off-campus academic opportunities has been a longstanding part of its educational philosophy. You will be given the chance to wade or dive into another culture and experience a wealth of knowledge and self-awareness, enriching your undergraduate experience.

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Asa Berolzheimer, Colby’20 writes from the College Year in Athens program about his volunteer work: 

“Over the course of my semester abroad I have had the privilege of working with and getting to know a young boy living at an unaccompanied youth shelter in Athens, Greece. Twice a week I would meet him at the shelter and I would help him with his English. His goal was for his English to be good enough so that he can attend a university. This was an incredibly valuable experience and I believe my efforts were helpful for him as well. The boy I work with is a joy to teach because he is kind, thoughtful, and eager to learn. I think of my work with The Home Project not as teaching him, but as working together to help each other learn. He is bettering his English and I am learning about his culture, life experiences, and gaining valuable perspective on how fortunate I have been in life….”