Colby’s Commitment

Financial Aid for off-campus study is available for any program on Colby’s approved list, and those that are approved by petition. Colby is committed to help make eligible students’ pursuit of global experiences affordable.

What price tag to expect?

The cost for the approved semester and year-long programs varies and will influence your overall expenditure.

Program Fees

Essentially, the overall cost depends on what program you will attend. It is connected with the location, housing and type of the off-campus program. Many of our programs are less expensive than Colby’s tuition and fees.


Colby Fee

Colby does not charge home school tuition for non-Colby programs, students pay the tuition and fees set by their off-campus program providers directly to them.

                                                                                                                                                                      Colby charges an Off-Campus Study fee of 1,500.00 per semester.

Note: students attending the Colby-run programs and domestic exchange programs continue to pay their Colby tuition as usual. 


Financial Aid

Off-Campus Financial Aid is processed and administered by Student Financial Services. Please visit their Study Away Finances Page for comprehensive information. Contact them via email to schedule an appointment.


Understand your Options

Financial Aid is portable, however it does not transfer automatically. Your eligibility for OCS Financial Aid is based on the expected cost of attending a Colby-approved program. The annual estimated family contribution will remain the same regardless of the off-campus program costs. Keep in mind that you can’t receive more Financial Aid than if you were attending Colby. If the off-campus program is less expensive than Colby’s tuition and fees, Financial Aid will be reduced accordingly.

Note: Work-study (federal or institutional) earnings are considered part of the student contribution and will not be replaced.

Steps for OCS Financial Aid

After you have been approved by OCS to apply for your program, send the signed form (click here: “Study Away Budget Statement and Agreement” ) to be completed and returned by your program provider back to the Student Financial Services office. Your OCS Financial Aid will be calculated and you will be notified via email.

Distribution of OCS Financial Aid

Colby does not provide payments to off-campus programs. The Financial Aid is distributed to the student or a parent/guardian with a student’s permission and students are responsible for payments to their programs.

Release of OCS Financial Aid

OCS Financial Aid is released only within 10 days of Colby’s first day of classes each semester and only if all necessary documents have been submitted.

Note: Most programs/ universities are willing to wait for the portion of the payment covered by the OCS Financial Aid. Contact SFS if needed, they might provide you with an anticipated OCS Financial Aid Sheet.

Other Resources and Scholarships

There are scholarships and grants available for study abroad administered by governments, organizations, and study abroad programs. Please check this (click here:” LIST “) and follow our news section on the website and our social media feed about upcoming opportunities and deadlines. Ask us if you need help!  Some of scholarships recommended by students:

Highly recommended for Pell-Grant eligible/FGLI students:


Payment Plans and Refunds

Check with your program or foreign university if you would like to use a Tuition Payment Plan or Tuition Insurance Plan to see if it is available. Additionally, an employer-contributed fund or College Saving Plan might be used. Please contact Student Finances Services office for more information.

Please be aware of the refund policy of your program before you send any payment. For Colby Programs refunds policy, please refer to Colby’s policy on off-campus program cancellation.