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Welcome to Colby’s Global Entry Semester (GES) program! We hope this page will answer many of the questions you have as you consider whether or not to attend the Global Entry Semester (GES) program in Salamanca, Spain or Dijon, France.

Colby Program Information

Preparations For Your Semester Abroad

  • Student Visa for France and Spain.  All GES students must have a passport valid for six months beyond your return from abroad (valid through the end of June, next year, 2018).  If you do not have a passport, or it is expiring before June 2018, please apply or renew now.  A valid passport is necessary to apply for a student visa.  More information on applying for your student visa, along with forms and official letters from Colby will be mailed to you in early June.
  • Student and Parent Handbooks (mailed by early June)
    • Colby in Dijon
      • Pre-Departure Handbook
      • Parent Handbook
    • Colby in Salamanca
      • Pre-Departure Handbook
      • Parent Handbook
  • Student Guidebook (mailed to students in July)
    • Colby in Dijon Student Guidebook
    • Colby in Salamanca Student Guidebook
  • Traveling to Dijon and Salamanca:   Information on traveling to and visiting can be found in the student & parent handbooks.

Colby Information