Jan Plan Off-Campus

A variety of off-campus or international opportunities are possible.

  • All Colby Jan Plan courses, including those abroad, are planned and administered by Academic Departments in conjunction with the Dean of Faculty’s Office. A list of Jan Plan courses can be found on the Registrar’s web page. Please contact the Faculty leader or Department for more information or application, requirements, and deadlines. Jan Plan offerings change each year.
  • Independent study off-campus during Jan Plan may be arranged in advance in conjunction with a Colby faculty member. Please use the Independent Study or Honors Application form on the Registrar’s web site.
  • Other off-campus courses may be taken at another institution by seeking faculty approval in advance through the Registrar’s office using the Transfer of Credits Form available on the Registrar’s webpage under “forms for students”and registering for “transfer credit” during Jan Plan registration.
  • Credit for study or ISP in a country under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3: Colby College requires COVID vaccinations and discourages travel to countries and participation in a program in a country for which there is a U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 ( for reasons other than COVID) in effect at the time of departure. Students wishing to travel to a country currently under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 are required to, in advance of their application, submit a petition to the Travel Advisory Committee providing a complete description of and justification for their study/travel at a Travel Advisory Level 3 site. Please write OCS at [email protected] for guidelines for the petition. Due by October 15 for Jan Plan. If approved, student and a parent will then be required to sign a waiver as part of the approval process which will be forwarded to the student by Off-Campus Study.
  • Students who are studying away, either domestically or internationally, for a full year in either one site or two are given credit for a Jan Plan for that January. This exemption means that they are not permitted to participate in a Jan Plan during the year they are off campus.

Colby Faculty-led Jan Plan Courses Off-Campus 2021

To find the off-campus Jan Plan 2020 courses, please use the curriculum search on the registrar’s page and search for JP courses with the coding OCIN or OCUS.