hirsch_sarah_2012_india2A petition is required in the following circumstances:

A.  GPA MINIMUM WAIVER: If your GPA is below 2.7 after Jan Plan. (Faculty recommendation)

B.  FULL YEAR OFF-CAMPUS: If you wish to study off campus for more than one semester (unless you are exempt from petitioning according to the policies outlined in the OCS handbook). This includes study in one location for a year or in two different locations for a semester each (“Y2”).

C.  NON-APPROVED PROGRAM: If you wish to participate in a program that is not on Colby’s current “approved list”. Please see the criteria for acceptable non-approved programs.

D.  TRAVEL WARNING: If you wish to study in a country currently under U.S. State Department Travel Warning.


NOTE-All petitions require:

A meeting in advance with a staff member from Off-Campus Study, well before the February 20 deadline, to discuss your petition and review the guidelines.You will usually be contacted by OCS during December-February for a mandatory appointment if you indicate an intention to petition for one of the criteria above and you will be given guidelines at that time. Petitions will usually include a statement of petition by the student and a faculty recommendation. Students can only petition the OCS Advisory Committee one time and all materials must be submitted by February 20. All petitions will be approved at the discretion of the Off-Campus Study Advisory Committee and within the space constraints of the enrollment goals of the College.

To make an appointment with OCS, please schedule one here.