This is an online application form by which students indicate their intention to consider off-campus study in the following academic year. It must be specific to a semester and must be approved by the academic advisor(s).

  1. The deadline for submission is November 15
  2. You should begin by scheduling a meeting with your academic advisor(s)
  3. If you have not yet declared a major(s), we advise doing so now to assure you get the appropriate advising
  4. Read your OCS Handbook or review Getting Started before beginning your application.
  5. You do not have to pick a specific program/university by November 15 but you should indicate some preliminary ideas about what/where you would like to study. You may indicate several options on your form; if you do so, please list them in order of preference to the extent possible.
  6. You must indicate your preferred semester of off-campus study and provide an academic justification.
  7. The application must be approved by your advisor(s). You are responsible for ensuring that the form reaches our office by the deadline of November 15; we recommend submitting it to your advisor no later than November 10. You can check the status of your preliminary application in your MyColby portal page so that you will know when it has been submitted.

Review these important policies before beginning your application:

Get Advising

Access the Preliminary Proposal for Approval (Between October-November 15) below or in myColby OCS section.

**We are currently implementing a new OCS application system.
You will be notified when it is ready to access.**

You may save it and return to it later. When you are done, submit it to your advisor(s). If you are a double major, both advisors will receive a copy and must approve it before your application is complete. Your advisor may return the application to you for changes before indicating his or her approval. If your advisor approves your preliminary application, it will be submitted electronically to the OCS office.